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 Summer Registration  
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           No Lessons            
      July 2nd - July 7th       
    August 31st - September 2nd


About Our Swim School

Fun for Everyone

Ever since 2013, Apex Swim Club has been providing students of all ages with a Safe and fun learning environment. Our unparalleled teaching methods teach swimmers the skills needed to stay fit and enjoy the water . Whether it is your goal to swim for the gold or just have fun in the pool. Apex Swim club will guide you on your aquatic journey. 


Apex Swim Team

Apex Swim Club focuses on helping swimmers grow both mentally and physically in order to ensure a successful swimming career in both High School and collegiate level. Kids and teenagers who have decided to make swimming their main sport will have the opportunity to not only train, but compete in an environment that will reinforce not only their swimming abilities but their discipline altogether.

Special Need Lesson Program

Learn together and Grow together

Swimmer of the Month

Hard work and determination is what it will take to earn your spot as the Apex Predators Swimmer of the Month. Set your goals and go for the gold! 


“If you fail to prepare, You're prepared to fail.”

Mark Spitz

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