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Program Waiver

I, the enrolled participant and/or the parent/guardian of the participant, agree and understand that swimming is a HAZARDOUS activity. I recognize that there are risks inherent in the sport of swimming, including but not limited to paralyzing injuries and death. The participant hereby agrees to participate in the water activities and hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Apex Swim Club LLC, its coaches, instructors, directors, agents and employees against any liability resulting from any injury that may occur to the participant while participating in swim lessons, open swim, lap swimming, water fitness, or other activities at Apex Swim Club. The participant also agrees to indemnify Apex Swim Club LLC for any damages incurred arising from any claims, demand, action or cause of action by the participant. The participant authorizes any representative of Apex Swim Club LLC to have the participant treated in any medical emergency during their participation in any water activity. Further, the participant and/or parent/guardian agree to pay all costs associated with medical care and transportation for the participant. I have noted any medical/health problems of which the staff should be aware.

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