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Apex Predators USA Swim Team

This Team is a USA-registered swim team. Swimmers will train for high-level competition in both short-course and long-course seasons. Athletes will be tracked and all competition times are recorded on a national level. Each swimmer will train 5 days a week and will compete in a USA-sanctioned swim meets a minimum of once a month

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This Team is designed for swimmers who have the desire to show off their competitive skills in the pool. Apex recreational swim team gives swimmers an opportunity to train and compete  in a fun and challenging Program 

Apex Makos Recreational Swim Team

The Makos practice 2/3 days a week and participate in 2 swim meets in the 6-month season. Your swimmer's Competition times will be recorded and published on the Apex site to track your swimmer's progress throughout the season

For more information on our courses, rates and availability, feel free to contact us.

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